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Don’t throw your passion away with the dirty diapers

By Lindsay Ridgley If you’re like me, you’ve always been a communicator at heart, or you’ve always wanted to be one. I remember watching Barbara-Lee Edwards on CTV and thinking “that’s the job for me!” I’m told I corrected adults’ grammar at age two and that I’ve always ‘spun’ the facts to suit me best. But I’ve also always wanted to be a parent. When we welcomed our daughter into the world, I completely abandoned my first passion (I blame the colic). Now that we’ve welcomed baby two, I don’t want to make that same mistake. So here’s how...

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Help your career – get mentally and physically healthy!

By Carol Lindsey Approaching your workday from a good place, mentally and physically, makes it a lot easier to be productive, creative, and stress-free. Good health can mean the difference between burning out at 2 p.m. or acing that presentation! So, what can you do to make sure that you are attacking your workday with a healthy mind and body? Let’s break it down. Eating Well Making sure that you have enough energy for your day is the first step to making sure you’re prepared to think up all of those creative ideas! For optimal energy, make sure that...

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Find a mentor, be a mentor

By Carol Lindsey If you are just starting out in your communications career, you may want to find a mentor for guidance.  Once you gain experience in your field, it will feel great to return the favour and be a mentor to a new professional! Why should you seek out a mentor? As a new communications professional, having a mentor can be key to learning more about your chosen career.  This is because mentors offer new perspectives and have valuable first-hand experience about what it’s like to work and succeed in communications. Your mentor can help you learn things about your chosen field, or give you good advice that you would otherwise have had to learn the hard way.  Also, a mentor-mentee relationship can increase your chances of career advancement because it can open new doors. Why should you become a mentor? Becoming a mentor is a great way to give back to the field you enjoy so much while also helping you develop new and different skills that you may not gain in your workplace. For example, your mentee may inspire you with creative ideas or introduce you to technology that wasn’t around when you were in college or university (anyone remember using Quark for design!?). Mentorship is about networking too. It’s been found that mentors and mentees are both statistically more likely to get raises and promotions...

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Market Research and Communications: My career in a nutshell and how I got here

By Roland Pajares When I graduated school with a Master’s degree in history from the University of Manitoba, my first source of steady income was as a market research interviewer for a market research firm. In this role, I investigated and reported the good and the bad that affected small and large businesses, various levels of government, and numerous charities and non-profits. Essentially, my job was to find out what satisfied or dissatisfied stakeholders, investors or funders. The organizations I researched spanned many different sectors including advertising, law and law enforcement, oil and gas, news media, immigration settlement services,...

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June 23 – Annual General Meeting and Mingle event

IABC Manitoba presents its 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and summer networking event at PEG Beer Co. on Wednesday, June 23, 2016. Business gets started at 5:30 p.m. with the election of our 2016-17 Board and an overview of some of the highlights from the past year. We invite all IABC Manitoba members to join us for this important meeting. Immediately following the AGM, we will be hosting a fun and informal networking event for all communicators, complete with appetizers and craft beer. Members and non-members welcome! When: Wednesday, Jun 23, 2016 Annual General Meeting at 5:30 pm Networking Event...

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