When you volunteer with IABC Manitoba, you’re opening yourself up to gaining new skills, meeting new people, and exploring new opportunities! These are all things that can help you grow as and reach the next stage of your career.

We also like to celebrate and recognize our volunteers. In addition to professional development, when you volunteer with us you can expect to receive letters of service and an invite to our annual volunteer party.

Whether you are a student, new graduate or senior communicator, we have fun and challenging opportunities for you. There are even some volunteer positions that do not require a membership, making it a great chance to get to know us more before deciding whether to commit. Contact us to discuss ways to personalize a volunteer position that will help you reach your professional development goals.


There are so many reasons to partner with us but here are the top three: awareness, recognition and exposure.

By sponsoring IABC Manitoba, you are actively putting your organization’s name and message in front of communicators across the province. Manitoba communications professionals are part of a growing and influential group. Make sure they know who you are and what you have to offer by partnering with us and positioning your organization as a communicator-friendly supplier of goods and services.

Contact us for more information about sponsorship opportunities.