Dear IABC members, future members, and community:

As we find ourselves finishing off the year of 2023, I’m sure many of you are working diligently on those last quarter projects that need to be completed, deadlines that need to be met, and hopefully hires that need to happen and on-boarded. Whatever you are working on professionally, I hope you are taking time to celebrate the accomplishments that this year brought and carrying success into your future endeavors.
I hope, in your self-reflection, you’re also taking time to breathe, and considering which work or projects should be retired. This type of taking stock can help distill what really needs to be taken seriously, gets us closer to achieving strategic goals and objectives, and energizes teams. When we free ourselves from exercises that take us further from our goals and no longer measure what matters, we make room for opportunity and evaluation. 
In the coming months, we look forward to seeing you at a future IABC Manitoba event — we’re working on our professional development series, as we speak. I just returned from the IABC CWR Conference, which I chaired, hosted in Kelowna. It was the first time this conference took place since 2019 and it was wonderful to gather in-person and the presentations were keen, engaging, and reminded me how skilled our members are and what we as communicators bring to the table in these uncertain times. We bring credibility, expertise, and evidence-based counsel about the important issues facing our organizations. Our seat at the table has never been more important. I am grateful to everyone on the organizing committee, the sponsors, the partners, and everyone who took time to present and attend the conference — thank you. 
May the fall season remind you that even as we shed our leaves we are preparing to blossom again. As always, my door and inbox are open to you.

With gratitude,
Susie Erjavec Parker