When you give back or support the IABC community in any form, you are not just advancing the profession, but also paving way for numerous benefits to come your way. You never know where this takes you!

Here’s how you could lend your hand of support:

  1. Sponsor: There are various options available for you or your organization and we could hash out whatever works best. Find out more about it here. (https://manitoba.iabc.com/sponsorship-opportunities/)
  2. Volunteer with us: We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities depending on your skill-set and goals. Click here for vacancies. How can this benefit you? Read more to have your questions answered.

If you have questions hovering your mind about the process itself and what happens when you join the board, our President shares a deeper insight into it here.

Any other questions, feel free to email the IABC Manitoba board at iabc.manitoba@gmail.com