As professional communicators, our work has the potential to affect lives and influence economies. This is a significant responsibility and we take it seriously. All IABC members must read and adhere to the following ethical standards:


IABC Code of Ethics

  1. I am honest. My actions bring respect for and trust in the communication profession.
  2. I communicate accurate information and promptly correct any errors.
  3. I obey laws and public policies; if I violate any law or public policy, I act promptly to correct the situation.
  4. I protect confidential information while acting within the law.
  5. I support the ideals of free speech, freedom of assembly, and access to an open marketplace of ideas.
  6. I am sensitive to others cultural values and beliefs.
  7. I give credit to others for their work and cite my sources.
  8. I do not use confidential information for personal benefit.
  9. I do not represent conflicting or competing interests without full disclosure and the written consent of those involved.
  10. I do not accept undisclosed gifts or payments for professional services from anyone other than a client or employer.
  11. I do not guarantee results that are beyond my power to deliver.
Interested in learning more?
Go to IABC’s Code of Ethics to read about IABC’s Code of Ethics in practice.