CMP and SCMP Certification with IABC Through GCCC

Grow your career with a Communication Management Professional (CMP) or Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) certification. 

The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) was created by IABC to offer certification at various levels and to promote a common, global understanding of what constitutes professionalism and competence in communications. GCCC is independent from IABC, which reflects its commitment to impartiality and objectivity in carrying out its certification activities.

While you know the recognition, distinction, and validation that comes with getting certified, your employer might not – yet! Download the Business Case Letter now, outlining everything from the background to what value the certification would bring to your organization, and get the conversation started today!

Earning professional communication certification from the GCCC demonstrates that the certification holder has a deep level of professional communication knowledge and expertise in six key areas: ethics, strategy, analysis, context, engagement, and consistency.

CMP certification is aimed at the generalist/specialist level, a mid-level stage in the communication professional’s development, for those with 6–8 years of experience in the communication field. SCMP certification is for seasoned professionals skilled in providing strategic communication advice and counselling to an organization’s leadership – those with 8–11 years of experience.

IABC is the only communications organization that has received recognition at the ANSI level (American National Standards Institute), which proves the prestige and value of these certifications on an international scale.

Watch this 2-minute video to get a better understanding. Visit the GCCC® website to learn more, access study resources and register.


Getting Certified Can be Easy!

We offer free virtual Certification Study Group Sessions which help you prepare for the exam with relevant study material. If you would like to participate in the group sessions while you pursue your certification, email us at to register your contact information.

We have resumed on the Study Group Sessions for the current chapter year. Our second of the three Study Group Sessions takes place on Tuesday, June 20 at 6:30 p.m. with Wendy Thatcher, SCMP . Wendy will cover the topics on Ethics, Research and Measurement and share resources and insights on how to prepare for the CMP/SCMP exam. There will also be an opportunity for open discussion and Q&A. Register for the session.

What to expect at our free Certification Study Group Sessions: In addition to round-table introductions and discussion on upcoming sessions, we’ll share resources and tips on what to study, and help with the application process. We’ll do some practice exam questions and spend some time on questions and discussion.

If you’re ready to get more out of your career and stand out from the rest of the communications pack, let’s do this together.

Take a read at what IABC Manitoba Past President, Jackie De Pape Hornick has to say about getting certified here.

IABC just published “The IABC Guide for Practical Business Communication: A Global Standard Primer,” a 25-chapter collection of thought leadership that explores the communication discipline from multiple angles.

This book makes a great study resource for your CMP or SCMP certification and is available for purchase. Alternatively, you can download the first chapter and get a sneak peek of what the book has to offer.

Click here for the Exam schedule. Check back often for new dates.

Apply here: CMP, SCMP

IABC Manitoba hosted a webinar with Bart Goemans CMP, SCMP, followed by a Q&A session. Watch the recorded version of this webinar here for insights on which certification to pursue, examination format and requirements, tips on how to prepare, and how certification can help elevate your career.

Research supports these top reasons to get certified (source: Career Data Labs):

  • 50% of all certified professionals are promoted within the first six months of getting a certification;
  • Recruiters are three times more likely to shortlist an applicant’s profile if they have a professional certification to their name;
  • Certified professionals are almost twice as likely to receive frequent pay raises as their non-certified peers; and
  • On average, people with a bachelor’s degree and higher, combined with a certification, earn 18% more per week when compared to people who hold a bachelor’s degree and higher with no certification.

Why Get CMP/SCMP Certified?

  • The CMP and SCMP are the only professional certifications that meet the global standard and are recognized all over the world. Certification gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise, and provide evidence of your abilities.
  • In today’s changing market, certification can give you a competitive edge over other professionals, help you remain current and marketable to prospective employers, and raise your professional profile on a global scale.
  • Achieving certification demonstrates your commitment to staying on top of trends and developments around communication practices, which ultimately benefits your organization as remaining relevant and proactive. It can also increase your organization’s global influence and business results.
  • Most importantly, it engages you in a process of lifelong learning that provides structure for keeping your skills fresh and applicable on an ongoing basis.

Don’t forget, IABC members save 75% on their GCCC application fee compared to the non-member fee. That’s a savings of $300 U.S. As well, the IABC Foundation awards scholarships for certification to members through the Gift of Excellence program. The program is designed to support prospective certification candidates who demonstrate a financial need. Join or renew your IABC membership.

For questions about certification, email For more information about the local certification program, contact us at

“As a long-standing IABC member I’d contemplated taking the exam for several years. After receiving encouraging support from fellow IABC members, I decided to take the SCMP. It was a personal and professional goal that I’m proud to have achieved. Certification verified the experience I’ve gained over the past 24 years and pushed me to learn about areas I hadn’t been exposed to. The value that comes from being an IABC member, and now with certification through the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC), is tremendous. This is a unique global community that openly shares knowledge and experiences to advance and elevate our profession by providing access to current trends, best practices, resources, professional development, and case studies from award-winning communicators. I’m discussing certification with members of my team and I’d recommend it to anyone considering it. You’ll have a great community behind you when you take the leap! “
Crystal Hiebert

Manager, Communications , Wawanesa Insurance

“I earned my Communications Management Professional (CMP) designation to showcase my knowledge and expertise in the field of communications based on a global standard for communications professionals. Achieving certification through the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) is my way of demonstrating my commitment to ongoing and continuous professional development to keep my skills fresh and relevant in today’s constantly changing business environment.”
Roland Pajares

Research Manager, Ipsos