By Roland Pajares

When I graduated school with a Master’s degree in history from the University of Manitoba, my first source of steady income was as a market research interviewer for a market research firm. In this role, I investigated and reported the good and the bad that affected small and large businesses, various levels of government, and numerous charities and non-profits. Essentially, my job was to find out what satisfied or dissatisfied stakeholders, investors or funders.

The organizations I researched spanned many different sectors including advertising, law and law enforcement, oil and gas, news media, immigration settlement services, insurance, education, manufacturing, organized sport and retail. The common universal thread among all these sectors was the overall desire for improvement and sustained growth. They all reported that some things were going well, some things were going OK, and then there were other things that needed improvement. I summarized these findings and reported to the client. To this day, I still love every minute of this very interesting work!

After obtaining diplomas in marketing and communications from the University of Winnipeg’s Professional Applied Continuing Education Program, I transitioned into the role of market research assistant. In my new position, I not only design research projects for clients, but also identify the best way to meet a research objective or goal.

Another part of my role that I really enjoy is using multiple methods of data collection to get to the bottom of what’s important. I design projects that use various different methodologies and technologies to collect research data for our clients who are big decision-makers at their organizations. For example, I use different tactics, methods and approaches to research different audiences (e.g., younger audiences, older audiences, difficult-to-reach demographics, etc.). Using the right tools allows me to uncover accurate information that my clients can then use to make informed decisions to drive positive change and growth in their workplaces.

Being a part of IABC Manitoba has allowed me to refine my craft in many ways. For one, it’s me with provided opportunities to connect with people who have research and communications needs. It’s also allowed me to share my passion with others who also have a passion for research, writing, communications and understanding public opinion. I love what I do and I love meeting other interesting, inspiring people in the field!