Chrystal Robert,  Principal at The Sponsorship Experience

Chrystal Robert-Macey, B.Ed. is the owner and Principal of The Sponsorship Experience – a unique and innovative consulting venture offering a diverse array of specialty services in the Sponsorship field.  Prior to opening up her own consulting firm, she spent the majority of her career working for Manitoba Lotteries Corporation; most notably as the Director of Community Support & Partnerships with hands-on responsibility for all of their community investment programming.  Under Chrystal’s tenure in Senior Management she was one of the primary architects of all major programs falling under this area.  These programs were built on four fundamental pillars: Sponsorship, Partnership, Volunteerism, and Charitable Giving.

As a consultant her core services include Valuations of Inventory; Development and Negotiation of Sponsorship Agreements; Internal Facilitation & Training;  Development of Strategic Sponsorship Policy, Goals and Objectives; Program Development Plans; and Activation Planning and Implementation Support.  She has a diverse client base including sponsors and sponsorees; public and private sector clients; as well as profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Chrystal’s education and training background includes a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Winnipeg; a Management Certificate from the University of Winnipeg Continuing Education Program; Dimensions in Leadership – a Joint Program with Manitoba Lotteries Corporation, University of Nevada, and University of Winnipeg as well as Executive Development for Gaming Professionals at the University of Nevada.  Chrystal is an excellent communicator and trainer offering a focussed, engaged workshop style of training, specifically designed to maximize her target audience’s learning experience.

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