I recently saw a post on social media that stayed with me. It talked about spending all day on your “medium screen” for work only to spend all evening watching a show on your “big screen”while scrolling on the “little screen” in your hand. That pretty much sums up 2020.

The majority of our human connection – professional and personal – is screen-based right now. It’s tiring; it’s not the same; and, it doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. I know I could go to social media right now and find more virtual webinar options than I have hours in the day. I definitely don’t make it to all the ones I sign up for with best intentions. But, when I make the time to attend, I am always so glad I did.

We had two IABC Manitoba events in November. My takeaway from the event with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce on their pandemic communications response was a new  virtual events platform I hadn’t heard of to check out. My takeaway from the certification event was a better understanding of whether the Communications Management Professional (CMP) or Strategic Communications Management Professional (SCMP) certification would be a better fit for me.

In both cases, I learned while I connected with peers in my profession who I wouldn’t otherwise see in my daily life. And, in both cases, it was a hour well spent – an hour that I could’ve easily skipped due to Zoom and pandemic fatigue. I need to remember how I feel when those events end or after I have a conversation with an IABC member. These connections recharge my batteries.

In this marathon of a pandemic and with a new year ahead, I ask you to think about what recharges your batteries. I think I am going to certify my communications skills and write the CMP certification exam IABC Mantioba offers in the spring. I’m also looking forward to our early 2021 event focused on ​Self-Care for the Busy Communicator.

I hope you get a chance to start that self-care this holiday season.

Wishing you a restful break,

Jackie De Pape Hornick

President, IABC Manitoba