It’s our member month and one of our favorites as we get to celebrate our members.

Especially those who have shaped our community for so many years!

Crystal Hiebert is one of our long-standing members and here’s what she has to say: “I enjoy connecting with other IABC members about successes and challenges and share what we’re doing to elevate employee/internal communications. It’s such a great group of professionals – always willing to help one another. I still connect with members I’ve met at World and Canadian regional conferences over the years.”

She recalls, her favorite IABC memory is hearing Kevin Carroll (an instigator of inspiration + creative catalyst) speak at the Chicago World Conference in 2012 on how to bring fun and passion to your work – and life.

Fun facts about her:

  1. I’m an avid scrapbooker. My kids are often annoyed at the volume of photos I take, but they also enjoy seeing the end product. Preserving memories and storytelling through this creative format is my super-power.
  2. I’ve executed employee and media events involving members of the Royal Family, a former Prime Minister, and Canadian Olympians, including a brief appearance in the Amazing Race Canada when they filmed in Winnipeg in 2014.
  3. I love to bake and have been known to make surprise deliveries to family, friends and co-workers, especially over the past several months while we’re all separated due to COVID-19.

Her thoughts on work during the pandemic: “Navigating this pandemic has been challenging for communication professionals (and others of course) – long hours, days running into weeks, then months. We all care deeply about the impact our work has on our audiences and we all want to get it right because it matters! Keep supporting each other, be kind to one another, and we’ll get to the other side of this together.”

On a positive note, she says, “We’ve been filling former extracurricular activity time with family time – Scrabble is now our official family game! I’m also using my previous commuting time to take our new puppy on walks.”

On the flip side, she adds, “Seriously missing seeing my awesome team every day and the great people I work with. But… turning that negative into a positive – scheduling more virtual coffee chats to stay connected.”

Are you an aspiring member?

In celebration of IABC’s 50th anniversary and IABC Member Month, you get to save 25% on international dues when you join or renew this month using code IABC50.

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