​At some point over the last six months, I have probably used the same terms as you in my communications. These are after all new normal, uncertain, unprecedented times, but we’re in this together, now, more than ever, right?

‘We’re in this together’ is the one that gets me thinking. As communications professionals in Manitoba, are we really in this together? I know Manitoba’s communicators are doing amazing work right now, whether they are working independently or alongside a large team; or, whether they now work remotely or have returned to work in a space that isn’t quite the same as when they left it in March. But, it’s heads down work and you still need a community of communication professionals.

I think about this now because it’s the start of a new IABC Manitoba chapter year and I am the incoming President. I look at our strong list of Manitoba members and know there are hundreds more of you who have yet to benefit from an International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) membership.

This year, I invite you to stop going it alone and become an IABC member

Connecting with industry peers outside of your place of work will make you an even better communicator at work. Our challenges can be universal – so can our best practices. IABC is the place to have the riveting conversations only communications professionals will appreciate, like which virtual platform delivers the best experience for a live event. I have learned so much just from hearing about how our members approach their strategies, which communication tactics they rely on and how they measure success.

So, let’s connect. Simply message me on LinkedIn or send me an email at jackie.depape@gmail.com and say “Let’s connect.” I’ll then reach out to you. 

 The more virtual coffees I can have with Manitoba’s communications community, the better!

To our current IABC members, I’m happy to share that you will hear from us more and in new ways this year. We know as part of IABC’s global community, you receive articles, webinar access and may participate in online message boards. We want you to hear more from your local chapter this year and we want you to connect with us too. Start by following us on your favourite social media platform.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Jackie De Pape Hornick

President, IABC Manitoba