One of the newest members to our IABC Manitoba team is Kaustubh Patil, but you can call him KP. We are excited to feature KP as this month’s featured member profile.

KP is currently studying at the University of Winnipeg as a PACE student with a focus on a Marketing Management Diploma. It was his program manager in PACE, Julie Schellenberg, that put the IABC bug in his ear. “I saw there was an opportunity for a student liaison for PACE at IABC … and I was fortunate enough to be selected for that position.” said KP.

Through his IABC membership, KP is excited to meet new people and make friends. “I am looking forward to making new connections and gaining valuable experience that would help me enhance my existing skills and learn new skills that will be handy to build my professional career,” KP said.

To take his mind off of the pandemic, KP has been putting his culinary skills to the test, experimenting with all kinds of new and delicious dishes in the kitchen.

3 fun facts about KP:

  • He’s always been a huge fan of the cartoon Tom & Jerry, but he’s afraid of cats and mice in real life!
  • He’s spent over 10 years managing restaurants and lounge bars
  • He loves math and numbers: “I get attracted to finance easily.”

 Welcome to the team, KP!

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