Sonny Primolo joined the IABC Manitoba Board as Director of Administration in June 2017.

Since then, he graduated from the Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE) Public Relations, Marketing, and Strategic Communications program at The University of Winnipeg as class valedictorian and joined The Winnipeg Foundation as Communications Assistant.

“It’s been a difficult year,” Sonny admits, “but I’m proud of what I have been able to accomplish.”

In his valedictorian address, Sonny shared the challenges of the intense, 13-month PACE program.

“The PACE program wasn’t easy. It was full of late nights, group work, and tough assignments that tested our skills.”

“When we all first came here it was hard to breathe, we didn’t know what to expect. Many of us were coming to a new country, for some like myself, leaving their lives for new opportunities, whatever the story, we each had one to tell.”

As Director of Administration with IABC Manitoba, Sonny is responsible for taking minutes at each board meeting, he ensures Directors have the adequate tools to complete reports, and also facilitates communication both internally and externally for IABC Manitoba. He assembles and emails meeting packages and maintains a current Board contact list, plus assists the Executive.

Sonny’s role with the Communications Team with The Winnipeg Foundation is to create a variety of content ranging from media releases, to advertisements, to radio interviews and more.

According to their website, The Winnipeg Foundation is the first community foundation in Canada, established in 1921. The foundation works with it’s donors, and local community groups to improve the city we all call home.

“Integrity, transparency, and growth are values that are important to me. My passion is spending time with loved ones, and helping others. Between supporting my classmates, volunteering with IABC, and now working with The Winnipeg Foundation, I’m right where I want to be.”

Over the last year, a journey that started with new challenges and opportunities with PACE has led Sonny to more than he expected.

“PACE wasn’t just about the classes, or the diploma, it was about creating lasting relationships that could stand the test of time. The people I met at PACE aren’t only my friends they are also my family.”

“I’m building the same kinds of relationships with IABC and my colleagues at The Winnipeg Foundation.”

Congratulations Sonny. IABC Manitoba is proud of your achievements and grateful for your volunteer service!