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Chris Downey, Director, Organizational Development at Manitoba Public Insurance.

Mentorship Matters

Why does ‘Mentorship Matter’ for business communicators?

Globalization. Dispersed companies. Economic difficulties. Retiring baby boomers. Multi-generational workforces.

These are some of the realities facing organizations today. It’s hard enough for businesses to stay competitive, but now they also have to worry about retaining key employees, engaging their workforce, capturing strategic knowledge before it walks out the door, and building cohesive organizations across various borders and barriers. Mentoring offers a way for organizations to accomplish these goals. You can make a difference in your own career, in the careers of others, and in your organization’s bottom line.

Join us on October 4 to hear from Chris Downey, who has managed leadership development and organization both in the private and public sectors. Chris will share his experience on the importance of training and growing the next generation of leaders from within.

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About Chris Downey

Photo 2017-09-21, 16 48 36Chris Downey is the Director, Organizational Development at Manitoba Public Insurance.  He has a passion for helping others succeed both professionally as well as personally.  Helping others realize their potential energizes Chris, and this has been the key contributor to his own success.   Chris believes that leaders have influence that stretches far beyond the work environment and as such we are responsible to ensure that every leadership interaction is positive and enables individual and team success.