Application deadline: October 30.

The digitally-driven world has meant that we have been able to maintain connections during these physically distanced times. Zoom, email, social media, and endless options for networking apps have kept us banded together, but spending time gazing at the ‘screnery’ can be tiring.

Which is why we would like to invite all members to sign-up for the IABC Pen Pals program.

Research has linked expressive writing using paper and pen to reducing stress and improving an overall sense of well-being, and we could all use more of that right now. Plus, it’s a chance for us to get creative and unplug!

Registration is free and exclusive to IABC members worldwide, so the only cost of the program will be postage. 

The deadline to sign-up is October 30, 2020 and you’ll be paired with your pal by the second week of November #IABCPenPals

Visit IABC British Columbia for more details and to sign-up.