Alana Trachenko: Director, Student Liaison

A journalist for about four years at The Metro and a handful of other local papers, Alana, continues to grow and expand her skillset in Communications. She’s also had the chance to be an editor at a few places, including Winnipeg magazine, ‘Geez’. “I really like working with other writers and polishing things up to a final, perfect piece” she says. Now Alana is a student of University of Winnipeg, PACE program pursuing a post-degree diploma in Public Relations and director, Student Liaison, with IABC Manitoba. What landed her to PACE and then IABC Manitoba?

“Being a journalist was probably the best first job I could have asked for, but it’s not where I want to end up. While I worked at The Metro, I interacted a lot with professionals in Communications and Public Relations, and I got a really good look at that industry – from the outside perspective, of course – and it seemed really interesting to me.” says Alana. Alana fearlessly followed her enthusiasm to learn and grow as a Communicator by leveraging her existing skills in writing.

While at school Alana was offered a position with IABC Manitoba as director, Student Liaison which took off early November. Alana’s student membership of IABC was part of her PACE tuition. IABC offers professional development and networking opportunities for Marketing/Public Relations students and practitioners. Very excited about her new role, she says “I will be getting my classmates involved with IABC by inviting them to events, getting them to volunteer, and basically just get them to use all the resources they have access to with their membership.” In May, I will be planning a big event for IABC, which I’m really excited about” she adds.

Inspite of PACE being a full on and intense program, when asked why she chose to be a part of IABC Manitoba, she chuckled and said- “Although, when I applied, I wanted to give it 100 percent! But being involved with IABC seems like a great way to meet other professionals from Winnipeg, throughout Canada, and around the world. This city and our global community is full of people we can meet and learn from, and hopefully one day, work with.”

Most definitely, I was curious to know how she was managing her time with so much in her platter. “I live out of town in St. Andrews, so I have to be kind of strategic about my time. During the week I’m in class all day and then the gym – I pack a ton of stuff every day because I can’t come home”, says Alana. “On the weekends it’s all about homework and working on my freelance writing. It can be challenging to look ahead and just see the sheer number of things that have to get done, but it’s about taking it a day at a time and finding little moments to relax and do something fun.” she adds.

In her spare time, Alana loves working out and lifting weights. “It’s the one thing I don’t feel guilty doing when I probably should be working on homework.” She also loves to cook, read, go to local shows, and most of all, travel.”

As an upcoming communicator, transparency is probably the most important core value for her. “Gone are the days of “spinning” information, and I’m glad. People deserve to know what’s going on, and we can find creative ways to tell them!” Alana reckons.